Nothing is more critical to families than the safety and well-being of their children. Newbridge Prep offers the safest possible preschool environment. The safety standards at Newbridge Prep were constructed with one guiding question. What would we, the owners and founders of Newbridge Prep, expect and want for our own children? The perimeter of our campus is fully fenced ensuring that there is a single point of entry for families and guests. Newbridge Prep is fortified with the most advanced technological safety features available. All interior and exterior areas are continuously monitored by a highly-sophisticated camera surveillance system. Admission into the facility, student check-in, and student sign-out are managed with the most technologically advanced electronic sign-in and sign-out software system. Our exterior play areas are equipped with high-tech rubber floor covering and specially designed playground equipment to keep playtime fun and accident free. Newbridge Prep is professionally cleaned each and every day. The name NEWBRIDGE PREP is synonymous with safety!

Superior Design

The Newbridge Prep campus consists of a brand new 11,000 square foot building that sits on a beautifully landscaped one acre parcel in Western Palm Beach County. The Newbridge Prep classrooms are extraordinarily welcoming and designed to keep children and parents smiling. The average size of each classroom is over 800 square feet, affording children ample room for learning, exploration, and play. All classrooms are equipped with generously sized windows, a private bathroom, a natural spring water cooler, and a convenient exterior door for playground access. Newbridge Prep has a high-tech media center stocked with student computers, a smart board, a high definition projector, digital media, a rich literacy collection, and much more! Even the furniture at Newbridge Prep was custom made right here in the USA by a local furniture maker to maximize student safety. Newbridge Prep is proud to do its part in environmental conservation. All rooms have motion activated light systems and energy efficient light bulbs. The lavatory facilities throughout the school have water efficient toilets and sinks, and Newbridge has a school-wide recycling program that depends on collaborative participation by parents, faculty, and students.

Ideal Location

Newbridge Prep is located on the east side of Highway 441 approximately 1 mile south of Lake Worth Road. Newbridge Prep’s location was purposely sought out because of its close proximity to all key areas of Western Palm Beach County. Best of all, the school consist of a standalone building that is easy to access and perfectly placed outside of the hustle and bustle that surrounds most other student centers in Palm Beach County. Accessibility to the facility is an absolute breeze any time of day.