Collectively, the Newbridge Prep leadership team has over 100 years of professional school leadership experience. Newbridge Prep’s founders and directors have served as appointed members of the highly prestigious and highly selective Florida Department of Education Supplemental Educational Services Advisory Panel, school district administrators, lead teachers, curriculum specialists, and early childhood program directors. All leadership team members have professional education degrees (BA, MA, Ed.D), active teacher certifications/licenses obtained from the Florida Department of Education, and professional qualifications that surpass the State of Florida childcare credential requirements.


At Newbridge Prep, we are committed to providing the highest quality learning environment for students, and it’s no mystery that a positive learning environment begins with effective teachers. For this reason, we employ highly qualified teachers who accept the responsibility of holding themselves accountable for the comprehensive development of their students. Newbridge Prep teachers are expected to meet exceptionally high standards unparalleled in nearly all other preschool settings. All of our credentialed staff members have extensive professional experience in the field of early childhood education and surpass the professional qualifications mandated by the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Palm Beach County Child Care Advisory Board. Newbridge Prep Faculty are required to participate in ongoing staff development activities concentrating on the areas of early childhood literacy development, curriculum training, early childhood best practices, brain research, differentiated instruction, and more! To maximize student safety, all of our staff members undergo the Jessica Lunsford Act Level II clearance process and agree to random, unannounced drug testing as a mandatory condition of employment.

Newbridge Admissions

We appreciate your interest in Newbridge Prep, and we understand the importance of selecting the best preschool for your child. Research repeatedly demonstrates that a solid preschool foundation is one of the greatest predictors of future school success. Consequently, we encourage you to visit our school, meet our professional staff members, and tour our state of the art campus. Your child’s bridge to a successful future begins at NEWBRIDGE PREP, and your journey begins with a tour of our campus. We look forward to meeting you and your family.


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